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Quick Details

  • Approximate duration: 1 hour
  • *We are 12 minutes away from most hotels on Condado and Isla Verde area*
Participant Height: 4'6" to 6'5" | Weight: 240lbs maximum

Have fun in Old San Juan amazing bay, on your water bike with friend and family, seeing 500 years of breathtaking views of history.

(Cruise Port Walking Distance)


(Cruise Port Walking Distance)
A wonderful water bike tour with unique views of Old San Juan Bay and more than 500 years of history. Including the most important attraction in Puerto Rico: San Felipe del Morro fortress. Impressive views of: La Fortaleza (Governor’s home), San Juan Door (original city entrance), “Baluarte de San Agustín”, Santa Elena Battery, El Morro Wall, the “Garitas” and more.

Our tours are guided and certified by the PR Tourism Company, the PR Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and the PR Port Authority. We offer quality and safety! You can enjoy this adventure by yourself; a group of family; or friends!

  • Level 1 Tour: you must have physical condition. Ex: walk 60 minutes without stopping.
  • The route leader goes at controlled speed; approx. 3 mph.


• “Chiliboats” Water Bike.
• USCG approved life jacket and whistle, previously disinfected.
• Route leader in all tours.
• Water resistant small bag for personal belongings.


  1. Punctual departures. Arrive 45 minutes early at meeting point to assure parking; safety protocol; orientation talk; boarding will begin 30 minutes prior departure time.
  2. If you suffer any medical conditions; If necessary: ​​Ask for your doctor’s authorization and mention it when booking, go prepared with medications.
  3. Minimum height 4’4 ”(52”) and maximum 6’5 ”(77”). Maximum weight recommended by manufacturer: 260#.
  4. Recommendations:
    Bring only the essentials, space is limited; you must wear: water shoes, flip flops or tennis shoes that can get wet, they are necessary when boarding / disembarking your water bike; hat; swimsuit; sun protection shirt; shorts or tights; Sunglasses.
  5. It is not allowed:
    • Hitting the unit against any object, jumping off the unit or damaging them.
    • If you negligently cause any damage to the unit, the person who made the reservation will be held responsible.
  6. No Smoking and No Alcoholic Beverages.
  7. We reserve the right of admission.
  8. The person who makes the reservation is responsible for informing all his companions about arrival time, requirements and all the pertinent information to the excursion.
  9. We have single and double Chiliboats, which will be assigned to each group, depending on the number of people per reservation
  10. Gratuities are humbly accepted by your tour guides and shared as
  11. Reservations must be done under CREDIT CARD account holder name.
    • Is very important that all the information in this reservation must match with the credit card holder name , if not, this reservation will be invalid and cancel. At check in time the credit card used and a valid id will be require for transaction validation.