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Quick Details

Participant Ages 7 and up

Visit the Rainforest and the Bio Bay

Nighttime kayaking excursion to bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico. Paddle your way through the waters in a glass-bottom kayak.Marvel at the glowing plankton in the water. Learn about this fragile and unique eco-system from the guide. What to expect Join this fully-guided nighttime bioluminescent bay kayak adventure, one of the most memorable experiences in Puerto Rico. After registration process and receiving instructions you will paddle your way in a two person glass-bottom kayak, through the mystical mangrove channels leading to Laguna Grande.

This journey may take up to 30 minutes, once you arrive to the area of the lagoon where the bioluminescence can be best experienced, our guides will explain how this entire ecosystem works and will allow you to play with the water to see this effect (swimming not allowed).

Marvel at the Pyrodinium Bahamense, microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand! Explore these amazing organisms up close as our professional eco-guide takes you to discover all its secrets. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life and learn what you can do to protect such a special place. The water comes alive with millions of glowing plankton that must be seen to be believed.

We will then begin to conclude this adventure and head back to the shore, kayaking thru the channels for another estimate 30 minutes. Once tour has concluded light snacks will be available for participants to regain their energy.

Please note: There is a minimum of 2 people required on the first booking of this tour.


What to Bring

  • Valid photo identification and Credit Card used at time of booking (Name must match)
  • Bathing suit
  • Towels
  • Change of clothes
  • Knee-length Shorts or Long Pants
  • Closed toe, secure, covered shoes such as tennis shoes or hiking boots / No Crocs, sandals or flip-flops allowed!


  • Water
  • Sodas
  • Snacks